International Students Area @ TalkING. (Introduction)

Support for International Students in Hamburg as well as German Students abroad.

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International Students Area @ TalkING. (Introduction)

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Introduction: International Studies Area @ TalkING.

International Students in Hamburg

In the name of the board staff, we cordially welcome you here in Hamburg Harburg at the TUHH. Using this student bulletin board we'd like to support you during your time here at the university. Of course, you're welcome to use all the other sub-boards here at TalkING. and mix with other students from Germany and all over the world, but we know, that being in a foreign country sometimes implies special needs. To meet them, we established this bulletin board for International Students. So, if you have got any problems, please do come and ask us here! Some of the involved tutor groups organize "real, physical" meetings, you can attend, too.

German Students abroad

Some of our German fellow students might plan to spend some of their studying time abroad. This bulleting board is a place to exchange experiences with foreign universities and exchange programmes and to plan your own stay. And when beeing back in Hamburg, we would be very glad to "listen" to your stories and tales!

Who are we?

The tutors working in this international board, belong to different groups / projects:

<li> 1<sup>st</sup>, there's the ordinary TalkING. Team, accommodating all over the board. So you'll meet them here, too.
<li> 2<sup>nd</sup>, you can find here the tutors of the project <a href="" target="_new">Welcome@TUHH</a> / <a href="" target="_new">STUD!O AG</a> (former <a href=" ... usint.html" target="_new">AKDAS AG</a>).
<li> 3<sup>rd</sup> group is the <a href="" target="_new">Mentor AG</a>.

All these groups work on similar and sometimes overlapping areas. Detailed information can be found on their homepages.

Get English as Board Language

If you are a registered TalkING. user (<a href="profile.php?mode=register">Register!</a>), you can decide whether you want to have German or English as language in the bulletin board. When you are logged in, you can change this by following the link <a href="profile.php?mode=editprofile">Profile</a>.

Of course, the board can only provide its structure in your desired language, it is not able to translate the content, written in German, Greek or whatever. But when you enter this sub-board for international students, there should be almost everything in English, as most users write in English here.

Information for tutors

Moderation authorisations in the subboard can be applied for <a href="">via this link</a>. A collection of information for staff member and moderators can be found in the <a href="z-mitarbeit.php">staff section</a>.

More help

<li> TalkING. Information for TUHH Newbies