Robotics and Navigation in Medicine - Module registration

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Robotics and Navigation in Medicine - Module registration

Beitrag von omer.rajput » Mi, 28. Mär. 18, 10:43

Dear all,

We (MTEC institute) once again offer the module 'Robotics and Navigation in Medicine', which combines a thorough introduction and review of methods ranging form kinematics to vision with a lab project building an actual motion compensation system using real devices.

Our past experience indicates that this can be a very rewarding class, which however, requires commitment of all group members to make the project fun. Also, given our limited lab space we need to limit the number of students admitted to the class.

We will try our best to accommodate as many students as possible (at least 24). However, as this will be a group project, we expect all students to be willing and able to contribute to the project. We are happy to have students with different backgrounds, but clearly, the amount of time you will need to spend depends on your math and programming skills. Generally, the project will require all group members to spend quite a bit of effort -- but it will be fun and you may well learn more from finding one bug in your code than from a whole lecture just listening.

Although the limit on the number of participants at StudIP has been reached, we still encourage you to enroll in the waiting list and come to the first lecture (Thursday, April 5 at 16:15 in A0.14) if you are interested in the module!

After you submitted the project registration form due on April 10, we will do our best to form balanced project groups. While students already enrolled have precedence, we will give places of students not handing in the form to students on the waiting list. The registration form and the project description are available at

If you are not sure about the class and the skills required, please also come! Feel free to send us an email if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Omer Rajput, Mareike Wendebourg, and Alexander Schlaefer

Dennis Worry
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Beitrag von Dennis Worry » Do, 29. Mär. 18, 17:27

I have participated in the first round of this module and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I know the team running this and they are kind and very comptent people. One of them I think is pushing a little to hard - please don't, mind the risk of stroke !

You will learn quickly and rapidly. Yes, the exam can be a bit daunting if you didn't approach this module in a methodical way. That was my biggest takeaway personally - I don't hack away wildly anymore but approach problems in a structured manner,

Again: I give my full recommendation for taking this module !
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