Masterarbeit & HiWi gesucht (Topologieoptimierung) !

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Masterarbeit & HiWi gesucht (Topologieoptimierung) !

Beitrag von IAPT-AM_Factory » Fr, 16. Mär. 18, 13:02

Topology Optimization and Design of compact sensor package for laser-triangulation system

As a part of Research project, a compact laser-triangulation sensor has to be designed and implemented for Laser-metal-deposition (LMD) process. The challenging design requirements imposed by LMD process could be solved through additively manufacturing the sensor package and housing. The topics involved in this Master Thesis are:
• Topology optimization of sensor design for integration of cooling channels and air stream
• Additive manufacturing of the designed prototype
• Testing and validation

• Interest in Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization
• Independent and creative way of working
• Knowledge in CAD Software (Inventor/ CATIA/ Siemens NX) and Hyperworks (Topology Optimization tools)

• Begin Date: From April ‘18
• Language: German and English

M.S. Vishnuu Jothi Prakash
040 / 48 40 10 - 630