Thesis: Experimental Wave-Ice-Structure Investigation

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Thesis: Experimental Wave-Ice-Structure Investigation

Beitrag von SKF-Institut » Mo, 24. Sep. 18, 17:18

Experimental Wave-Ice-Structure Investigation

Bachelor or Project Thesis

The objective is the experimental investigation of the impact of ice floes on a fixed columnar structure. The scientific key aspect lies on the loads induced by the ice floe impact for varying ice floe sizes and wave characteristics. The experiments will be performed in a small wave basin at ambient temperature utilizing synthetic ice floes to ensure a stable geometry during the time-consuming experiments.
Furthermore, the experimental results are compared with analytical calculation methods to gain a better understanding of the impact scenario.

  1. Literature review of the state of the art
  2. Identification of relevant ice floe forms and sizes
  3. Identification and implementation of simplified theoretical models
  4. Planning, execution and analysis of the experiments
For additional information please contact:
Dr.-Ing. Marco Klein (
D.Sc. (Tech.) Franz von Bock und Polach (