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fresh information for international students

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TalkING. Newbie
TalkING. Newbie

Anmeldedatum: 21.12.2016
Beiträge: 8
Studiengang: Mitarbeiterin International Office TUHH

BeitragVerfasst am: Mi, 21. Dez. 16, 13:04    Titel: fresh information for international students Antworten mit Zitat

[b]Dear international Msc/Bsc students, Dear exchange students,[/b]

since the orginal post in the "International Studies Area" is a bit old, here's a quick & concise update with basic information:

[b]---the international office @ TUHH ---[/b]
offers information and counsel to international full time students and exchange students.
[u]Ms Jutta Janzen[/u] takes care of exchange students from overseas and is also in charge of stipends for international students.
[u]Ms Malgorzata Safari[/u] takes care of exchange students from Europe (ERASMUS incomings) and is the coordinator of the welcome tutor programme, i.e. she is in charge of support and integration programmes for international students.
Regular office hours are Monday 09:00-12:30, Tuesday + Thursday 13:00-15:00.
All relevant information can be found on the international office website:>international>students>study with us

[b]---Each school @ TUHH (i.e.Studiendekanat)---[/b]
has a professor, who acts as the departmental coordinator, and a research staff member , usually a PhD student, who is the assistant to the departmental coordinator. The departmental coordinator and the assistant departmental coordinator are in charge of all academic questions for incoming and outgoing exchange students, concerning their stay at TUHH (or TUHH students' stay abroad). They are the ones who will be able to help you with advice on choosing courses, compiling and signing your learning agreements. The departmental coordinators and assistants are all listed on the international website:>international>team (scroll to bottom)

[b]---the welcome tutors @TUHH ---[/b]
are master students and advanced bachelor students of TUHH, who run a regular semester programme for new international students and offer help and advice. International students can turn to them with all kinds of questions. They have their own website:>international>students>study with us>exchange students>intercultural semester programme

[b]---the accomodation office @ the international office---[/b]
is run by Ms Ulrike Leuffen. Prospective incoming exchange students and new international Master students can turn to Ms Leuffen for help with finding accomodation in Hamburg. The accomodation office has a small number of rooms prebooked in local dormitories which can be rented for 1 semester. There's also a small number of local rooms in private accomodation offered by local residents through the accomodation office. As housing for students in Hamburg is tight, it helps to apply as early as possible. All relevant information can be found on the accomodation office website:>international>students>study-with-us>accommodation office (ACCO-TUHH)

[b]---the STUDIS - admission and registration department---[/b]
is where prospective students interested in a full time degree at TUHH, can turn to for information on application procedures, eligibility criteria and information on study programmes offered at TUHH. There is a contact form on their website:>international>team

[b]---students groups & initiatives @ TUHH---[/b]
are volontary activity groups formed and run by TUHH-students. Among them you will also find ESN Hamburg, the local ERASMUS initiave or the local branch of the ERASMUS student network. They offer a buddy programme and activities throughout the semester. Other student groups focus on music, sports, cultural exchange, cultural respesentation, a common interest in a technology (radio, building a race car, ...), theater, global sustainable development and sustainable everyday living, robot scoccer, beekeeping, sailing, and many more. You'll find a comprehensive list on the website of the AStA (i.e. elected student council/representation):>StudentInnen>AGs
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