Thesis: FE Analysis of corroded tensile test specimen
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#1: Thesis: FE Analysis of corroded tensile test specimen Autor: SKF-Institut BeitragVerfasst am: Mo, 08. Jan. 18, 15:07
The following topic is currently available at the SKF institute:

FE analysis of laser scanned corroded tensile test specimen and comparison
to tensile test results

Type of thesis:
Project- or Master Thesis

Marine environments are very corrosive, and for aging offshore structures the effect corrosion has on structural strength should be considered. Tensile tests on two sizes of corroded specimens have been performed in TUHH. Prior to the tests, all samples were laser scanned. It has been suggested that corroded strength can be modelled by changing the material parameters in the FEM program such as Young’s modulus and yield strength according to corrosion diminution.

1. Generate a mesh for FEA input of several samples from laser scans.
2. Run FE analysis of the samples with the generated mesh of the corroded specimens with loads equal to those in the experiments.
3. Run alternative FE analysis with an uncorroded specimen, but with proposed degradation and alternation of E-modulus and yield strength from literature
4. Compare results of both FE analyses with each other and experimental

Additionally the work required literature study and a compilation of the state of the art. The experimenal results and laser scans is provided by contact with Karoline Neumann. Sören Ehlers and Franz von Bock und Polach at TUHH will supervise the work with support from Karoline Neumann from Norway.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We usually also have other topics available at the institute.
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